Simple For Me
Minor UpdateDecember 14, 2009
Update to PFM today. (Not the big stuff yet.)
Thanks to the request of a user for the ability to print a budget, you can now export a budget to a file you can open as a spreadsheet (Excel document), so you can format and print as you like.
Also fixed some bugs in the find transactions feature.
Personal Finance Manager UpdateFebruary 3, 2009
Major update to PFM. It's nearly complete as an account tracking tool, and has MANY improved features. For example:
Transaction searching
Supports multiple budgets
Maintains your transaction date range
Remembers the last opened file
Various bug fixes

As before, click here to see the computer requirements and download Personal Finance Manager.

I'm just not very happy with how difficult it is to "understand". It's fine as an account tracking, data gathering tool. But the budgetting area is, in some ways, worse than Personal Budget Builder. And the association between accounts and budgets just doesn't seem very clear.
PlansFebruary 3, 2009
PFM needs a major overhaul. It gets the job done - I use it for my finances and it really helps. But there are significant features and improvements I want to add.
First, I plan to overhaul how it "works" with the user. I want to make it easier to understand.
Second, there are a lot of new ideas. For example, I want to be able to set simple goals like "I want to get my emergency savings account up to 3000, how can I fit this in the budget and when will it happen?" And it would be cool if it factored in interest earned during that time.
I want account balance tracking over time with line graphs. Both what it was in the past, and the ability to plan future transactions and know when the account balance will hit certain values.
Personal Finance ManagerAugust 5, 2008
Simple For Me introduces the next free budget and finance product, Personal Finance Manager!
Personal Finance Manager adds the ability to track your actual finances and accounts along with your budgets.
It's currently has less budget features, but it is still a work in progress. When it's ready for a first release, it will get its own section here.
Click here to see the computer requirements and download Personal Finance Manager.
Hello World!February 28, 2005
Simple For Me opens the digital doors here at; complete with the initial release of the Personal Budget Builder!