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A Simple Guy

Simple For Me is a company of one developer and many contributors. The company was founded by Zach Perkins in 2005 to create and distribute useful home-made computer software.
It all started when I realized I wanted a simple program to organize my monthly budgets, give me the ability to do a few useful things that a computer can do real fast, and maybe do a little number crunching. There were plenty of full-featured finance programs out there, but all I wanted was a simple budget program. No more, no less. (And who wants to pay $25 or $50 for that?!) So I decided to make one. That is how the Personal Budget Builder came to be.
When I told a friend about this program, he said that he has exactly the same situation. I thought maybe there are more people in this situation. So I started Simple For Me.
All software distributed by Simple For Me is designed to be almost as simple as dirt.
Rather than building software that does what you want, as well as check your email, play music, brew some coffee and pick your kids up at school, my software simply does what you want.
As a result of making very limited software, and as I make software primarily because it is something I want to use, I can't get away with charging much money. Instead I rely on donations and the fact that I need the software myself, so since I have it anyway, I might as well share it.
Now that doesn't mean I only build things for myself. If you have an idea for some simple software that you would like, why not send me an email? There is a good chance it is something that I will like too, and then it's just a matter of time until I make it!