Simple For Me
Personal Budget Builder
What it is

Personal Budget Builder is an easy to use, simplified budget program. Its purpose is to help you create a monthly budget and do some useful analysis of your money usage.
It is free. Although a donation would be very appreciated. It is also ad-free. It wont even bug you to support the author. The program will not install any secret tracking programs or anything extra on your computer. I dislike those programs as much as you, maybe more because I get to remove them from the computers of friends and family members.
It is designed with a "for the user, by the user" philosophy. I made this program as a helpful tool for myself, something I can use that will make my life easier. So if you have some ideas on how to make it better, please tell me!

What its not

Personal Budget Builder is not an all-inclusive financial planner. It will not give you advice on how to use your money, that is your business. Its purpose is to help you create a monthly budget and do some useful analysis of your money usage.
It is free. Although a donation would be very appreciated.
Currently, your budget data is not encrypted. So be careful of storing any sensitive data in your budget.

Click here to see the computer requirements and download Personal Budget Builder.
  • Simple
    The screen is kept as simple as possible. You are only setting where your money is coming from and where its going. By avoiding complicated accounting terms and finance lingo, you don't have to be an financial wizard to understand what to do.
  • Free
    You don't have to pay a dime for it! Of course, it would be nice if you did!
  • Small
    It uses less than 1MB of space on your hard drive!
  • Organized Finances
    All of the budget items are placed in categories that you create. Its very helpful to keep your expenses categorized this way.
Why try it?

This is best answered by telling you why I made it.
I used to do my monthly budget in Excel. This was very nice for a geek like me because it is easy to add up lists of income and expenses. I could even have it give me a yearly summary without too much work.
But it became very difficult when I realized after doing an entire year's worth of monthly budgets that I wanted to add one more expense starting all the way back in February. So I had to go add it to each individual month. It was a tedious and time-consuming job, and I thought 'wow, it really shouldn't be too hard to make a computer do this for me.'
So I made a program that lets me add and remove expenses, income and savings wherever I want. Plus it is smart enough to ask me if I want a particular change to happen for the month I'm editing only, or for the entire year, or just start with the current month and go to the end of the year. (This is very helpful for bills that don't exist until half way through the year, or if you have a regular payment that ends part way through the year.)
Finally, I like to get a picture of how my money is being used. That way I can think about where I can save money, or see on a larger scale where I'm using most of my money.
So there I added a "summary" screen. This lets you choose a range of months within the year and see where all your money is coming from and going to.