Simple For Me
Personal Finance Manager
Beta - more to come!

Announcing a new, free budget program, with more!
Personal Finance Manager adds the ability to track your actual finances and accounts along with your budgets.
This is still in beta, as it is still far from the easy-to-use tool it should be. But it gets the job done, and I use it for my finances and budgets.

Click here to see the computer requirements and download Personal Finance Manager.
  • Simple
    The screen is kept as simple as possible. You are only setting where your money is coming from and where its going. By avoiding complicated accounting terms and finance lingo, you don't have to be an financial wizard to understand what to do.
  • Free
    You don't have to pay a dime for it!
  • Small
    It uses less than 1MB of space on your hard drive!
  • Organized Finances
    Budget items are categorized however you like. Account transactions can be linked to budget transactions to help keep track of when and how your budget was used.
  • Analysis
    This second beta includes budget graphing capabilities to help review and plan.
  • Transaction Loading
    The accounts have a limited, yet extremely simple transaction load/import feature to load transactions from your bank or credit card.
Why try it?

This is best answered by telling you why I made it.
Several years ago I created Budget Builder - a tool to both eliminate the hassle and simplify the tracking of budgets.
Although it satisfied the basic needs, it had two drawbacks that grew to become hassles themselves:
1. Designed for budgetting a single year, doing another year was difficult at best.
2. No built-in tracking back to the actual transactions.
The second became a big problem for me. I was spending way too much time pouring over my notes to get a budget usage amount correct. And should I need to go back and fix a mistake a month or two later? Painful.
But I thought, if only I also recorded account transactions, I could have every budget item linked to the right transactions. And really, every budget usage should be treated as a budget transaction, that way I could identify how much of the transaction applied to the budget item.
And so PFM was born. It has a long way to go, but it certainly gets the job done.
It is good enough for me now, that it is the first place I look if I have any questions about my finances.